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This is The Modern Indian Sunrise on 8th May 2017 at 6AM.

Have you heard of the Land of Belief!
Have you heard of INDIA?

What is the "take away" for the millions whose day started before 3? Have you been breathing well lately? Has your daughter, son returned without getting shot to the face on the frontline or at the International Borders. Let’s keep things real here.Do you really know what it feels like to breath here? Have you only heard of the polluted air, the poverty; the underprivileged? Well it’s a part of life here just like it was before Good Old Abe (President Abraham Lincoln), Sir Martin Luther King, The Great Depression, Gandhi and Before President Mandela. Happiness is to Day as Depression is to Night. You and me and even all the Great Leaders have felt it time and again. Depression is not an epidemic which once every while sweeps the hemispheres. As long as you feel like having sex, hunger, better life, we mere living things will keep comparing circumstances and identifying situations which glorify depression. Why the surprise?
We feel the need to ridicule depression not for it slows us down. We discover it to feel happy again. Depression is The Humble Realisation of the Human Life. The lack of Control over life is a very humbling experience in itself. "Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely & Absolute Happiness conjures ONLY Obscurity". 
The leaders reach only to their Chair of Power while their destination hardly ever gets blessed by the light of their thought. Heavy clouds linger over these poor souls under tremendous pressure. Everybody here needs “peace” of mind however we all must try to NOT search the "piece" in others 

Here on the Land of Belief, the Breathing Orb of The Milky way, 


Its Proof we are very tiny, happiness is not far apart from us but happiness in itself without study is futile. ALSO, depression without study is CERTAINLY fatal.
I’ll be writing the next article on anxiety.
What to take away?
Remember: Depression is to Past as Anxiety is to Future. Live in the Present with THYSELF.
The Great Shah of Bollywood Mr Shah Rukh Khan Ji ONCE SAID IN A FILM DIALOG:

BUT WITHIN. IT’S HERE RIGHT HERE. Inside you as you read. As you read, you feel hopeful. This hope is the "BELIEF OF THIS LAND" There must be an answer at the end of the article. Surely & Certainly, "I WILL READ ON AND DISCOVER MY TRUE SELF". "I AM SURPRISED I FEEL HAPPY JUST NOW"! "I AM SURPRISED I DIN'T EVEN HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE MANTRA TOWARDS THE END". I realize THERE CANT BE one unique MANTRA for all OF LIFE. WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE? hehe... :) NOW LISTEN TO YOUR BROTHER AND MENTOR; NEVER QUESTION YOUR OWN HAPPINESS OR DEPRESSION. It’s part of you like Blood to the Body, The River Nile to Egypt, The Mississippi and The Hudson River to the Land of Opportunity or The Great Ganga flowing across off, with wrath, anger, sadness,  ghosts of past and skeletons which once belonged to the closets.
“Notice how the Hudson River took those souls into her own lap!”